So here's a story,

of how I could have come to this beautiful, in my meaning, time-less designed automobile, what I encountered, and how I solved these issues that confronted me forth-headed, so maybe this is a bit of help to someone who has the same issues to solve. So let's get started and here it goes, Il etait une fois (Once upon a time) as I one day sat on my three letters, having time for leisure to glaze out of the window and into the scenery. What caught my attention was this car, on the other side of the street, were confiscated vehicles probably out of criminal endeavours where auctioned. I've always wondered, way is this car still there after two years? So, I decided to do a little research work via internet and found out that a Jaguar S-type X200 wasn't a (is a) bad buy! It had a few extras, 6 Airbags, ACC, ABS, Electrical Seats and Sun roof, Adjustable Steering Column, Alarm-system, a new radio with DVD screen and some more niceties (though not really needed necessities), also, it was a non smoker, no worn or ridden out seats, stainless, I mean stainless, though some Dashboard accessories looked a bit cheap, though, It didn't mind me at all. With the paint job still in top condition, I decided to bid take part at it's auction. Green has a grass hopper I was, auction day came, my first, probably also my last auction, there were about fifty viable bidders in the auction hall that morning, not all had interest. As the car came to auction, the auctioneer came quickly, he had a lot to do that day, from criminal or tax evasion driven business, private bankruptcies, auctioning their inventory to get the best deal for the State. The starting price was seemingly low at 1000, then the order came, how gives more, south of my other half, I heard someone say, 15 hundred, here!, 15 hundred once, thump, 15 hundred twice, thump, hardly had my dentures placed, I opened my mouth, got my vocals rumbling, brought all my might together, 20 hundred, the auctioneer again, how gives more, 20 hundred once, 20 hundred twice, 25 hundred, here! a man on the other side of hall, looked a bit awkward like a car salesmen from some sunnier part of our world. I hopped that the auction that I am taking part in isn't a setup or rigged in other words in the lower language case a ripoff. Well, the auctioneer went on and on, prices crept up incrementally, though, I had my price and I would stick to my price that I would give and no cent more. Then, sunny boy gave his, hopefully his last bid, 27 hundred! the man in suit pocked my out, now, I had to think fast, break with my rule, I roughed myself up, gave my last bid and this was already over my set limit of 29 hundred! again, who, as always, gives more, I have a bid for 29 hundred, does anyone give more? first, second the third thump proceeded, sounded through the movement of his hammer, sold for 29 hundred to the man in white, bestially uniformed that day, however, in the aftermath of this advantageous adventure into the technology of this jag, I should have had an overall on or a automobilistic technical understanding friend with one, how can tell me where the pains (extra costs) can be. Now, with the lack of financial acumen, I had a car that was ready to be recycled, in other words scrap! Down below is what had to be done.

General Service Information

General Service Information

Rear axle

Rear sub-frame

Front axle

Lower ball-point joint, Shock absorber bushes, Stabilizer bar links + mounts

Brake disc and pads


Intake Manifold / Ignition Coils / Spark-plugs/ engine-block ventilation (elbow)


Starter system

Valve clearance, timing-chain, tensioner and glides:
With valve clearance in its tolerance, there was no need to take the camshafts down, so tensioners and co. have to wait, the good thing is the tensioner pumps up in 3-4 min. the rattle noise disappears.

Cruise control malfunction, emergency mode

Automatic Transmission 5R55N

Info, tips, Fail Safe Mode

Stall Speed Test procedure and diagnoses

Valve Body, known issues

Valve Body, Solenoid test procedures

Line Pressure Test

Self made press for pressing down clutch drum springs, checking clutch tolerance without a dial gauge


Air Conditioning

Miscellaneous repairs

Wind-shield-wiper mechanism:
Time on the lot took its toll, wind-shield-wiper shafts had seized, uninstalled the mechanism, freed the seized shafts through the use of a good rust loosener, heat, force.

Water in Spark-plug wells 3-2 cylinder:
After days of heavy rain the engine began to misfire with accounted trouble codes, spark-plug wells were wet, an ionized rusty red path on the ceramic insulator had developed which shorted the HV ignition spark.

Connected the radio controls to the multi-functional steering wheel using an analog digital converter.